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Data Storage

Description of the philosophy and actual storage information


Data resides in 2 places.


and on xrootd server (automagically) in DataSet PR???.

The original format is backedup to tape, source to generate the Dataset is also backedup to tape and stored in the

experiment specific git repository.


Data Storage Format

The incoming event stream in the form of banks for each event is translated on the fly to a TAfroditeEvent.

This event class stores the energy time information for each detector, its position via a cross reference to the DDAQ configuration database (built into the class). Additionally via cross reference to the db, one can get voltage, temperature settings for the experiment and or run.

The tree containing this class can then be trivially used in a TSelector class to generate a PROOF analysis job to extract

relevant information, from matrices to ratios of specific peaks or more involved quality checks of the incoming data stream.

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