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MIDAS data acquisition system from Daresbury

Here you will find all information pertaining to the software of MIDAS data acquisition system from Daresbury.

MIDAS' home is can be found at

This is all specific to Afrodite and in no way documents all of MIDAS.


Required Files

You need a copy of all of these files.

  1. MIDAS_base_ddmmyy.tar.gz
  2. MIDAS_DataAcq_ddmmyy.tar.gz
  3. MIDAS_bin_Linux_ddmmyy.tar.gz
  4. MIDAS_Afrodite_ddmmyy.tar.gz
  5. MIDAS_LynxOS_MCG_3.1.0_ddmmyy.tar.gz
  6. MIDAS_LynxOS_MCG_Release_3.1.0_ddmmyy.tar.gz
  7. MIDAS_camac_ddmmyy.tar.gz
  8. MIDAS_fera_ddmmyy.tar.gz
  9. MIDAS_vme_ddmmyy.tar.gz
  10. MIDAS_vxi_ddmmyy.tar.gz
  11. MIDAS_TapeServer_ddmmyy.tar.gz
  12. MIDAS_MessageLogger_yymmdd.tar.gz
  13. MIDAS_RegisterServer_ddmmyy.tar.gz
  14. mtsort.4.4_Linux_2.6.8-2-k7.tar.gz (from
Or simply download the already grouped files : MIDAS-MTsort-290905.tar.gz


If you intend to only sort, i.e. for everyone else beside people working on data acquisition at iThemba, you simply  need to install 1,3,14.



  • Uncompress the MIDAS-MTsort-290905.tar.gz.
  • The files listed about will now be in the directory
  • First do the MIDAS_base_ddmmyy.tar.gz file, with the days months and year replaced correctly.
    tar xvzf MIDAS_base_ddmmyy.tar.gz
  • For simplicity either create a link from /MIDAS to the directory of the installation or do the installation in that actual directory remembering that the unpacked MIDAS_base_ddmmyy will then be /MIDAS. If not then an environment variable (MIDASBASE) must be set to reflect the new home of MIDAS.
  • This will result in a directory called MIDAS_base_ddmmyy
  • Move the rest of the files into this directory and unpack them individually.
  • Setup the library path correctly:
    • export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/MIDAS/lib_Linux
    • else place a file called midas in /etc/ whose contents is simply that directory.
    • This does of course assume that your directory structure is standard or linked to be standard. If you have redefined MIDASBASE then the library path must reflect this.
  • Add /MIDAS/bin to your path as well.
export PATH=$PATH:/MIDAS/bin
  • edit the makefile in the mtsort-4.4_Linux_2.6.8-2-k7 directory
  • make it reflect the home of midas correctly. If it is /MIDAS then you have nothing to do.
  • execute the makefile by issuing the "make" command in the mtsort-4.4_Linux_2.6.8-2-k7  directory.
  • MIDAS and MTsort is now installed.



One needs to still setup the experiment directory (where experimental details will be stored) and also where the capabilities for all your resources. If you are simply setting up for sorting the only resource that needs to be defined is

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